For a consistent layout, authors are requested to observe the following rules:

Page setup: A4, portrait, 1 inch margins

Title: Times New Roman, bold, center, size 14 – CAPITAL LETTERS

Author’s Name: Times New Roman, italic, center, size 12 – Surname NAME

Information about the author(s): Times New Roman, center, size 12 - (academic degree), position, institution, e-mail address (no hyperlink)

Abstract: Times New Roman, justify, size 10 – 150 words maximum

Key words: Times New Roman, justify, size 10 – 6 key words maximum

Chapters’ titles: Times New Roman, center, bold, size 12

Subchapters’ titles: Times New Roman, italic, size 12, 0.5-inch indent

Text layout: Times New Roman, justify, 0.5-inch paragraph indent, size 12, single line spacing

Bibliography: at the end of paper, Times New Roman, justify, size 12, single line spacing (according to Chicago Manual of Style)

Footnotes: Times New Roman, justify, size 10 (according to Chicago Manual of Style)


Please save your files as follows: Surname_Name - TITLE OF THE PAPER

Please do not insert page numbers!


Please send the final form of your paper(s) to the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • “Carol I” National Defence University provides the rooms and the multimedia equipment for your presentations
  • The maximum number of papers that a person can contribute, whether individually or as a co-author, is 2.
  • A selection of papers will be published in a volume/CD with ISSN and in the virtual library and will be indexed in the PROQUEST and CEEOL databases.
  • Publication is conditioned by the laws of information security and by payment of the conference fee.

"Responsibility for the content of the papers belongs exclusively to the authors!"