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Centre for Defence and Security Strategic Studies
Bucharest, Romania








A person can participate with maximum 2 papers as author/co-author. A paper can have up to 3 co-authors. Papers are going to be peer-reviewed by a international scientific committee. Conference papers are going to be published in a volume with ISSN, which is going to be included in ProQuest and CEEOL international databases. Only papers sent in due time will be published. Papers will be sent in English electronically, in the form of a ".doc" or ".docx" document (one file for each paper) at the following e-mail addresses: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., as attachment. The file name will consist of the first author's last name and given name, plus the number of the paper. Example "Vasilescu Dragos 1.doc".


For a paper to be published, it has to abide scientific quality standards, follow the guide for authors, as well as the deadlines and payment of the conference fee. "Carol I" National Defence University provides for PowerPoint presentations equipment. For uniformity of the papers in the volume, AUTHORS HAVE TO FOLLOW ALL POINTS INDICATED IN THE GUIDE FOR AUTHORS below.




1.All the papers will be edited in English using the PAPER TEMPLATE - International Conference Strategies XXI - CDSSS above;

2. Word 2003, 2007 text editor shall be used;

3. Page settings: A4 format, margins: 2, 2, 2, 2 cm;

4. Papers length: 6-10 pages;

5. Paper's structure: Introduction, 2-3 Chapters (and sub-chapters, if any), Conclusions, Bibliography;

6. The TITLE of the paper will be font size 14, capitalized and centered in the page;

7. After the Title, leave two blank rows and below write the author's GivenName and LAST NAME (the latter must be capitalized to avoid confusion) in font size 12, bold letters, italic characters, centered in the page);

8. After the author's name, insert a footnote - author presentation comprising: military rank, academic title, scientific title (the field of PhD title or PhD candidate), main institutional affiliation and position held, city and country of residence, e-mail address. If there's the case, the second or third authors' names will be placed in the same manner under the first author's name, and footnotes will be inserted for each comprising the above elements.

9. After the author's name leave two lines before the abstract;

10. The abstract must have at most 150 words, "font Size 12", Italic;

11. Leave one line spacing between the abstract and key-words;

12. 5-8 keywords;

13. Paragraphs and titles/subtitles begin at 1.25 cm tab from the left margin;

14. Paragraphs will be written with Times New Roman characters (as the whole paper), "font size 12", one line spacing, "justify text";

15. Chapters and subchapters shall be numbered using the following number style: 1,2,2, and 1.1, 1.2 etc.;

16. Before and after each chapter, leave one line spacing;

17. For emphasis throughout the text, use Italic characters;

18. Tables/graphics/figures shall also be titled below as follows: "Table no. 1: Title"/"Figure no. 1: Title", "font Size 12". The source, if applicable, shall be mentioned as a footnote.

19. References shall be written in the form of footnotes, as seen in the Template. Titles of works shall be written in the language in which they were consulted.

20. Bibliography shall be written at the end of the paper;

21. Pages will not be numbered.