National Defense University "CAROL I"

National Defence College

Bucharest, ROMANIA, 26 June 2018


Upon the third edition of STRATEGIES XXI, the National Defence College organizes the "ROMANIA CENTENARY" Conference, which is meant to mark, by specific scientific research activities, the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Great Union within a special section "1st of December 1918" – 100 Years Since Building the National State. Also, "ROMANIA CENTENARY" will constitute an academic platform for exchanging ideas, expressing opinions and communicating the latest research in two distinct sections: "Romania in the International Relations System at 100 Years Since the Great Union" and "Exploring the National and International Security in the Centenary year".


At this event important personalities from the scientific, political, military and media field, as well as alumni of the National Defence College, are invited to participate, as follows:

a) Foreigners - foreign collaborators, researchers and teaching staff from universities and institutes similar to the Department for Security Studies and Leadership / National Defence College / National Defense University "Carol I";

b) Romanians - military and civilian staff from: the Ministry of National Defence, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Romanian Intelligence Service, the Protection and Guard Service, the Ministry of National Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as teachers and researchers from military education and research institutions and civilian representatives of non-governmental organizations.