Romania in the New International Security Dynamics

National Defense University "CAROL I"

National Defence College

Bucharest, ROMANIA, 26 June 2020


We are honoured to announce you that “Carol I” National Defence University organises on June 26th 2020 The Fifth Annual Conference of the National Defence College holding the title Romania in the New International Security Dynamics.

We consider that our university’s prestigious past doubled by the dynamism of the National Defence College will assure the basics for some productive debates related to the national and international security, but also in conjunction with the new geopolitical and geostrategic realities of the 2020. The National Defence College is an iconic space for discussion with a highly international appreciation. To this thought, we decided to bring to the debates some widely recognised personalities from the international and national academic environment, as to transform this conference into a key date of 2020.


At this event important personalities from the scientific, political, military and media field, as well as alumni of the National Defence College, are invited to participate, as follows:

a) Foreigners - foreign collaborators, researchers and teaching staff from universities and institutes similar to the Department for Security Studies and Leadership / National Defence College / "Carol I" National Defence University;

b) Romanians - military and civilian staff from: the Ministry of National Defence, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Romanian Intelligence Service, the Protection and Guard Service, the Ministry of National Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as teachers and researchers from military education and research institutions and civilian representatives of non-governmental organizations.